About me

Ricardo Castillo Sandoval [y]

I am a trained Graphic and UI-Designer with a long experience in UI-UX-Design.

As a UI-designer and illustrator, I’ve created compelling visual concepts and usable, engaging interfaces that respond to user needs, that are joyful, designed with a high qualitative standard, always taking research and test into account. I am used to working within international teams and to communicating with developers, pursuing to establish the best workflow for implementing the best product for my final users. 

I am looking forward to working for a company  that cares about creating qualitative products that help people to manage daily life, that have a social meaning and bring joy.

I’m currently available (resume) for both freelance and contract work in the Cologne-Bonn area.

digital portrait, procreate

Before I became a designer, I majored in History and have always kept myself lively engaged and interested in art and literature. It might then not be surprising that in addition to my work and interests in UI/UX design, I am also an avid reader and a hobby creative writer.

I enjoy creative drawing and illustration as well, using both analog and digital techniques.

Ricardo Castillo Sandoval / • 2024